About us

In modern life, it is essential to live and work in a beautiful, comfortable space close to nature, which brings high performance in terms of taste as well as public health. Creating green space next to modern, influential buildings is very important to the natural landscape formation. Combination of green trees systems, pergolas, lawns, banks of pond or natural stones, gravel will alleviate the heat absorption for living space of each person, bring the beauty and harmony of the architecture, improve the environment and adjust the gas flow.

Dai My Phu Co., Ltd was established with the vision and mission: share fun, relaxation, health, architecture, feng shui science with city residents which everyone can enjoy.

With a team consisting of experienced architects, engineers, sculptors; dynamic, passionate staffs along with nurseries system at a total area of 7 hectares, Dai Phu My designs, constructs the landscape garden in high professional expertise and customer service style. Our products combine harmoniously architectural-planning ideas, artistic creativity and experience of professionals with the needs of clients, containing value for the constructions and living environment.

Dai Phu My is currently a strategic partnership in the field of supplying green trees, flowers, consulting landscapes design, construction with many leading real estate firms, architectural firms, in Vietnam. We become one of the businesses owning the largest nursery system in Ho Chi Minh City, with capability of implementing projects of residential areas, industrial zones, resorts, hotels, resort, office buildings, villas...

It is our pleasure to send this booklet to the Agency, the customer for hoping that you will get necessary information about us and to create opportunities for our further cooperation in upcoming time.

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Chief Executive Officer




Nguyen Quang Nhan